And How To Find Races To Trade

Thanks for looking in.

My name is David Clapp and this is a picture of me.

Yes, I know what you're thinking. What a thoroughly good looking bloke. Must be a Hollywood actor.

Actually, I was a school teacher for many years and many eons ago I was a drummer in a band. I've also done a bit of stand-up comedy and in 2007 did a stint at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival but since 2012 I have been trading horse races.

I'm wondering if you are attracted to the idea of making money from horse race trading but totally bewildered and confused by terms such as "stop/loss settings", "scalping", "swing trading", "trigger stops", "dobbing", "short term trading" and every other trading thingamajig seemingly designed to befuddle, perplex and stupefy.

Well guess what?

Because, quite simply, you know that what you are seeking is there waiting for you but it seems there is such a menacing and intimidating minefield to be navigated before you can even make just one penny.

It's just the way the modern world develops. Once upon a time we had record players. Simple. We took a record out of its cover, placed it on the deck, moved the arm over and enjoyed. We were happy with that.

Then along came cassette players and later on compact discs. Mix in a bit of jargon - "sub woofers", "tweeters", "wow and flutter", "graphic equalisers" - that sort of thing and that's when many of us gave up.

I wonder if it's a coincidence that vinyl records are making an enormous comeback.

It's exactly the same situation in the horse betting world. It all started by us trying to decide whether or not one horse would beat another and developed from there. Now we are in the world of Patents, Trixies, Union Jacks, Yankees, Combination Forecasts, Straight Tricasts, Goliaths and Lucky 63s.

Move on to the year 2000 and enter betting exchanges. Designed to work on the principles of the stock market rather than bookmakers and their odds, the original concept of exchange betting was delightfully simple.

Instead of betting on whether the price of coffee would go up or down or if the dollar would finish higher or lower than the Japanese yen, we could bet on whether the price of Old Dobbin in the 3.30 would go up or down during the race. Easy.

But as ever, the horse race trading world developed into a myriad of choices and while I am in no way suggesting that there is anything wrong with this it has left a lot of would be traders behind who would prefer a much more simpler approach to trading.

Or, put another way, would rather put a disc on their Dansette instead of sorting out the base reflexes and bandwidths on their hi - fi equipment.

In 2014 I published a straight forward trading method called Winning Trades which was well received and favourably reviewed but I have now withdrawn it from sale.

Winning Trades devoted itself to one specific trading strategy selecting horses to trade based on the weight of money placed on them. By my own admission, it did take quite a while to find these selections and although very profitable, prices did tend to be on the short side.

I also offered a support service to Winning Trades customers - via email and telephone - answering questions and generally helping novice traders to make the maximum profit from their efforts and it is because of the numerous emails received in my Winning Trades mailbox that Easy Race Trading came to be written.

Shortly after the release of Winning Trades I came to realise that I had made many wrongful assumptions when presenting trading information.

Because I had been trading horse races for over two years prior to Winning Trades a lot of very elementary details and necessary information were subconsciously omitted.

It was only when the questions started to come in that I recognised this.

At first, I raised my eyes to the skies wondering how anyone could be so naive in not understanding the very simple and uncomplicated issue they were asking about but after a few more queries arrived, requesting the same sort of information, it dawned on me that it was not the customers who were at fault. It was me.

I had not been clear enough in my explanations and that a simpler approach should have been adopted.

And so Easy Race Trading was born.

Easy Race Trading is a guide to trading and an attempt in part to redress this situation.

It assumes no trading knowledge whatsoever and is very much a hands on guide. Readers who have left the nursery slopes will recognise the sections that they may safely skip over but I hope that they will still find features of interest, especially in the race selection section.

Easy Race Trading has been designed specifically to help a novice but ambitious race trading enthusiast acquire the knowledge required to make the right decisions when trading. The book really does return to the beginnings of horse race trading in its simplest and purist form.

It focuses on backing a horse before the race and trading out for a profit, either before the race starts or during the race itself. Nothing more.

You will also find tips and tricks of how to place your back bet at just the right time and how to trade out for a profit or small loss should a trade not quite go your way.

There are screenshots galore to illustrate all points made so there will be absolutely no doubt in your mind as to how to proceed to the next step.

Well, all right, maybe not this particular screenshot but plenty of other more relevant ones I promise.

For many readers, the icing on the cake may well be the very straight forward selection method that finds horses to trade daily in five minutes or less. Once you have mastered your trading skills you will be able to trade these races and discover that you have uncovered horses that dramatically come down in price with deadly accuracy.

Easy Race Trading is available in the Amazon Kindle store and the link to the store is here.

It can also be purchased here by clicking on the "Buy Now" PayPal button below.

It is my declared aim to get as many as possible to experience the thrill of making daily gains from the wonderful world of horse race trading and have set the price at a very modest 12.99.

Easy Race Trading is out. Order your copy right away.

You'll find that you're in for quite a ride.

It's time to get started.

Thanks for your interest and best regards

David Clapp